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Principal's Message

We see the brightness of a new page, where everything yet can happen.

--Rainer Maria Rilke

He conquers who endures.


From the desk of Mrs. Geissler…

The start of a brand-new school year at Bowman paints a vibrant picture, a collage of hope and the promise of achievement. As I visit classrooms and talk to students, I hear the refrain of voices that are making the best of their new beginnings. Students are actively engaged in rigorous academic pursuits in all subjects. I have observed students in spirited discussions, speaking their minds, researching opinions and basing their arguments on facts. Essential questions, anchor standards, and critical thinking guide instruction at Bowman.

Since we are preparing students to graduate from high school with the necessary skills to thrive in careers and colleges, we continue to focus on the four C’s:  Critical thinking; collaboration; communication, and creativity. Memorizing content in isolation is meaningless. Students must learn to think critically, problem solve, and work as a team. The business models for Google, Facebook, or Twitter follow this paradigm. Our goal is to engage students in “academic dialogue” at every opportunity, ensuring that the intellectual energy on campus is driving their achievement.

I am excited to share with families that Bowman is participating in the first Dashboard for Alternative School Status (DASS). The first integrated Dashboard for alternative schools will be in the fall of 2018. A special task force in Sacramento is working on the alternative indicators so that our school will get credit for items such as our high graduation rate and student engagement. In addition, the indicators will focus on attendance and punctuality, so it is important that students attend every day. Students who attend school on time and daily earn more credits and have better grades.

We have some exciting events happening this year. For the fifth year, Bowman received a grant to implement the Roadtrip Nation curriculum in several elective classes. Check out the program on to find out more about this nonprofit educational tool that “helps students explore career pathways.”  Bowman ASB students are participating in the Box City event on October 7th to raise funds and awareness regarding homelessness. Also, we continue to strengthen our relationship with our neighbors through our Habitat for Heroes Youth Build day, scheduled for December 1st.

This school year I encourage you to face and overcome the obstacles blocking your success. If you need help, ask for it. The discipline of showing up every day, maintaining a good attitude, and trying your best is a winning combination for success.  I challenge you to be an active participant in the amazing winning streak that is Bowman High School!