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SCV Teen Heroes

Cesar Ochoa

May 2015

Congratulations Bowman High School student Cesar Ochoa for being selected as a "Santa Clarita Valley Teen Hero." The following text is from The Signal newspaper:

Santa Clarita's newest Teen Hero, Cesar Ochoa, is an 11th grade student at Bowman High School. He was selected by Principal Robin Geissler and teacher Lisa James.

Cesar is a 17 year old student at Bowman High School. He came to Bowman with a lack of motivation, credits, and direction. Yet, at Bowman he has truly found himself and has renewed his quest for education with vigor. Cesar is now involved in school, extracurricular activities like the Hart District's Regional Occupational Program (ROP), and is engaged in classes and receiving stellar grades.

This year Cesar was chosen as January's student of the month at Bowman. Additionally, he received an ROP award, and appeared in The Signal as Bowman's Career Technical Education (CTE) Student of Distinction for his ROP Advanced Law Academy class.

According to Lisa James, Cesar has overcome several barriers that held him back from succeeding. "He has a new found motivation to succeed since attending Bowman. His grades have improved and he actually cares about doing well in school."

"I really feel my parents, teachers and friends have shaped my life in a positive manner," said Cesar. "But my parents have had the biggest influence on my character. They have been there for me during the ups and downs in my life and have worked hard to encourage me on my road to success."

Cesar is involved in the Hart District's ROP Advanced Law Academy class which is a huge honor because the students must be invited back after completing the Beginning Law Academy by the officers who run the program. He was chosen along with five others out of a class of 49. He is also involved in the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) program that takes place every other Thursday at the local Sheriff station. Last, but not least, Cesar is honored and committed to being a big brother and role model for his little sister Tamara.

Cesar's goals include returning to his original school, Canyon High School, and walking down the aisle next year to proudly accept his diploma. He will be the first of his family to graduate from high school. After graduation he plans to attend College of the Canyons.

Congratulations Cesar for being a Santa Clarita Valley Teen Hero! 


Maria Sanders

September 2014

Congratulations Bowman High School student Maria Sanders for being selected as a "Santa Clarita Valley Teen Hero." The following text is from The Signal newspaper:

Santa Clarita's newest Teen Hero, Maria Sanders, is a 12th grade student at Bowman High School. She was selected by Bowman Principal Robin Geissler.

According to Geissler, Sanders was chosen as the Teen Hero because of Sanders hard word and perseverance. Maria has dealt with life obstacles such as growing up without a mom and dad.

"I was four or five years of age in the foster system thinking everything was ok, and it wasn't," Maria said. "After leaving the foster system at the age of 18 I got pregnant. Having my baby girl has changed my life a lot. I make everything happen for her. She is the reason why I'm going back to school to become a Registered Nurse."

"My Aunt, Christlyn, has had a huge impact on my life," Maria said. "She has been there for me since my birth, always providing me with positive energy and knowledge."

Maria's 14 year old cousin plays for the JETS in Lancaster. "I help his mom with the Spirit Gear for the team," Maria said. Maria is participating in both English and math intervention classes. She also hopes to participate in the Associate Student Body (ASB) program at Bowman soon. In the fall, Maria will be taking a Regional Occupational Program for Pharmacy Assistant classes, saying, "I feel this will help me obtain some medical knowledge as well."

Maria's plan for the immediate future is to graduate from Bowman High School and then attend College of the Canyons and study to become a Registered Nurse.

"Personally, I will continue to be the best mother I can be to my daughter," Maria said. "I want to show her the positive path of life."

Congratulations Maria for being a Santa Clarita Valley Teen Hero!