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“Art only exists because of technology. What’s the first art in human history? Cave drawings. What’s the technology? Fire. They couldn’t do that without fire and the burnt stick. There is no art without technology. Art and technology are symbiotic. But the technology gives you certain limitations … Why didn’t Goethe make movies? He was a poet, a dramatist, ran a theater company, knew about acting—he should have been the first filmmaker. Why wasn’t he? Because the technology didn’t exist. Technology is not just a means, it is part of art.” Francis Ford Coppola
Intro to Computer Science per 1 Class code 22muloc
Intro to Computer Science per 8 Class code qhfgkqu
AP Computer Science per 2 Class code qwge26k
AP Computer Science per 6 Class code twda6iv
Video Production per 4 Class code hy3qvqm