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Principal's Corner

The City of Santa Clarita, our country, and the entire world are going through a challenging time. This situation is out of our control, and we need everyone’s cooperation in transitioning to the possibility of school closure. In the meantime, please make sure you continue to wash hands after you sneeze or cough, and before you eat. Also, be aware of surfaces that are touched frequently like handrails and restaurant counters and tables. 

The Hart District is doing everything they can to maintain clean student desks, doorknobs, and bathrooms. As this situation may get worse before it gets better, Bowman High and the district may go into school closure mode.   

In the event that the state recommends or requires schools to close down, the Hart district is working diligently to make sure our students continue to receive a quality education. Bowman is a bit different as we are working on a variable credit system. I have met with your teachers, and we are committed to continuing to provide our students with the opportunity to receive up to a half a credit per week for all classwork, and the possibility of an additional half a credit for extra credit work such as projects, research, or additional homework assignments.  

Students are still required to attend virtual learning daily through a computer at home or a given chromebook you can get from Bowman. 

Here are the requirements for student success: 

  1. Have a computer or lap top at home that you can use for instruction and access to google classroom, google hang outs or google meets. You may get more information from your teachers on how those platforms work.
  2. Please make sure you know how to access information to your teachers through email or the google suite. If you do not know how to, please let your teacher know today.  
  3. You will be receiving daily assignments and instruction from your teachers. It is important that you keep in communication with them so that they can inform the counselors when you have finished a class so that we can sign you up for a new class. Again, we are committed to continuing your education for all those working towards graduation (which should be everyone). 
  4. We will be taking daily attendance, so you must be active on your computers. If you have issues with wifi, or are sharing a computer with multiple people at home, please let your teachers know so we can provide necessary accommodations. 
  5. Your teachers will instruct you on how to submit work in to them. It may be by taking pictures and uploading them or working directly sending your work through the google classroom. You will not earn credit without submitting your work in. 
  6. Your teacher may require a google “hang out” which provides live instruction for up to 100 students at a time. This way you will be able to interact with your teachers live. 
  7. You may also be provided with a pre-recorded instructional video from your teacher where you will follow up with an assignment to complete. 
  8. Communication will still be available for all students with teachers, counselors, and administrators. All staff emails are available on the Bowman website. You will also be contacted through remind. You must be signed up on the remind app, as if you are not, then I strongly encourage you to see a counselor before you leave today. Lori will be sending out a remind message shortly. If you do not receive it, or you do not own a cell phone, please see a counselor during this period or after school. Again, this is very important. All students need to be on remind. 
  9. Many of you may have a challenging time with this transition as it happens. I encourage to reach out to your counselors and staff members to get supports and resources. 
  10. As far as testing goes, it will be suspended for a period of time if we go into a school closure. 
  11. Students and staff. This is a challenging time for our community, and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we work through this together. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or needs. We are here to support you and continue to assure that we will work along your side to get you every step closer to graduating high school. We are in a fortunate enough state where education can continue with today’s technology instead of extending the school year. This announcement will be posted on our website for you to view at a later time as well if needed.  Always remember we are glad you are here, we care about you and we are proud of you. Make everyday a great day!