Bowman High School

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SLOs | SMART Goals

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Achieve Academic Proficiency in All Core Academic Areas by Utilizing:
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Technology and literacy strategies integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Challenging and extensive academic curriculum
  • College and career readiness preparation
Communicate Effectively by
  • Writing with organization, focus, and coherence
  • Reading with comprehension, analysis, and insight
  • Clearly expressing ideas with confidence and clarity
  • Working in collaborative teams
  • Making strategic use of digital media and visual displays
Demonstrate growth in Character Development by
  • Making positive choices as contributing members of the community
  • Showing respect, empathy, and appreciation of individual differences
  • Acknowledging the historical contributions of diverse ethnic, racial, gender identity and religious groups
  • Exercising their civic rights and duties both locally and globally
  • Cultivating a strong sense of self
Explore Future Opportunities by
  • Acquiring the skills necessary to meet their personal, academic, and career goals for successful post-secondary transitions
  • Creating steps to pursue and accomplish goals with persistence and problem solving
  • Recognizing their potential by exploring their talents and aptitudes
  • Utilizing technology through College and Career Readiness programs as well as school and business partnerships to obtain information about post-secondary options