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Web Design I/II

   Welcome to Sandy's Web Development Class!
The Web Development class focuses on learning HTML and CSS, both of which are fun to learn! "HTML and CSS are the basic programming languages for web development and design. They are beneficial to learn for developers, marketers, and people in many other disciplines." (
Additionally, in the spring students in Web Development will learn how to create original compositions using PhotoShop CC. Students will create compositions, like Web banners, commonly used in Web design.


Compositions with original photographs -
1st Photoshop Assignment



Web Banners - Fall 2017 - 6th Period


 Websites Created by Students using HTML & CSS:
Click on padlet to access the links to the Web sites

HTML Puzzle activity Web Design Assignments:
To access assignments, click on the Web Development Pacing Guide. Please check with Sandy before completing assignments as the dates and assignments may change throughout the semester. 
Wiki Re PBS video "Growing Up Online" - Click here for the Wiki 

Creating Web pages with HTML:

Html Basics: Beginners Guide to HTML
Web practice #1: My First Web page, see handout
Web practice#2: Sports figure/team Web page, see handout 
Web practice: HTML Code puzzle activity
Read/Practice: Images, CSS 
Web practice #3: See HTML Basics PowerPoint 
Web Practice #4: See HTML Advanced HTML PPT
More Web practice: Creating original content/creating original Web pages with Adobe Photoshop CS6

CSS Tutorial:


Adobe Photoshop:

How to Resize in Photoshop CC and Crop: See Video
All about layers: See video
All about the gradient tool in PS CC: See Video
Combine images in the layers panel: See Video
Brush Basics: See video
Creating your own custom brush: See video

Photoshop & Ethics

What Happens When PhotoShop Goes Too Far? PBS: 

Assignment #1: PhotoShop Interface, cropping a photo, adding a border.

#1.a Photoshop CS6 Beginner Tutorial - Interface and Basics:

#1.b PS Tutorial - The CropTool:

#1.c PS Tutorial - Beg/Adv: Creating Photo Borders and Framing Images:

Assignment #2: Creating a Banner with text and original photographs

How to make a banner: