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AP Computer Science Principles

Go to and type in the section code (CFZBVN) 

 The AP CS Principles class will be using the class Pacing Guide throughout the school year. Please check with Sandy before completing assignments as the due dates will change throughout the school year.
Join SCRATCH (Class/Spring 2018) - Click on this Link:


Computer Science is Changing Everything! 

"Code Stars"  

You are invited to take a few minutes to watch a video explaining the value of this 21st Century skill: “Code Stars” Short Film >

Science Documentary 2016 | Big Data

 There are so many resources for learning programming and such. Two of my favorites are: and Scratch. Check them out!


Understanding Binary Code


Binary Code in 60 Seconds video: Binary in 60 Seconds Video

Binary Code 101: Binary (full understanding in 10 minutes)

Computer Science Unplugged: Binary Code, part 1

Unplugged, part 1: The Show Part 2 

Hexadecimal Definition:

Convert Binary to Hexadecimal: 

Current Events:

  • The ACM TechNews newsletter is a great place to find and explore current topics in CS.
  • Activity:
    • Students read the article assigned/agreed upon by the class and write a summary 
      • The summary must be a paragraph or longer (minimum of 5 sentences) and include details/facts.
      • Students are to include their opinions in the write up -- opinions are to be written in the second paragraph.  
    • Students are to be prepared to have a 10 minute discussion about the reading during class.
    • Students should be prepared to post summaries and opinions on a discussion board
      • When posting to a discussion board:
        • Post comments and/or questions on two discussions
        • Follow rules of etiquette, follow proper style and grammar; the content of student postings must be on topic
        • Comments and questions should be meaningful. (I.e., LOL and such does not count as a comment)
  1. How Gangman Style Broke YouTube: Click here to access article.