Lockdown Drill

Lockdown Drill
9/20/2022, 10:20 AM 2:41 PM

On Tuesday, September 20th, Bowman High School will conduct a lockdown drill during our 3rd and 7th period classes to prepare our students for if a worst-case scenario were to ever happen. Bowman will be on a regular schedule this day. Students should go about their normal daily routine. When the drill takes place during your period, students will immediately seek shelter in their classroom under the direction of your teacher. Crisis Go will alert on all teacher computers at the start of the drill.

It is understandable that we may find the conversation uncomfortable while discussing the drill in classrooms, but we hope that you will find it reassuring to know that our school is thinking about how best to deal with this situation. Counselors will be available on the day of the drill for anyone that Is struggling with the emotions of this drill.

Making sure we practice how to respond and instructing students can help prevent and reduce the loss of life during a tragic event. No single response fits all active threat situations; however, making sure students and staff know how to respond decisively will save valuable time and lives.

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