About Us » Model Continuation High School Recognition Program Program Year: 2022-25

Model Continuation High School Recognition Program Program Year: 2022-25

School Profile
Teamwork, collaboration, and dedication to student achievement are the reasons for
Bowman High School’s amazing success with students.Bowman is the sole Continuation High
School for William S. Hart Union School District, serving students in the Santa Clarita
Valley. Bowman’s current campus was built in 1992 and remains in pristine condition. The
school includes ten permanent classrooms and five portables, all surrounded by well-maintained
rose gardens, trees, and lawns. In 2021-22, the graduation rate was at 56.3%, and our dropout
rate was 5.5%. Bowman’s Successful Transition Rate average is 91% over the past three
years. The Successful Transition Rate is a more accurate representation of what Bowman High
School does to help students. Bowman’s positive attendance was 86% during 2021-2022.
Bowman is a Title 1 school, affording many opportunities for resources, materials, field trips,
guest speakers, and additional PD. Technology is integrated into every classroom including
chromebook carts in all classrooms, a class set of laptops for our STEM/Physics Makerspace
Lab and a well-maintained computer lab. Bowman’s use of technology, educational software,
and online platforms increased over the COVID pandemic. Teachers continue to utilize many
programs to enhance student learning. Teachers have immediate access to student data
through Infinite Campus, an online information system. Students are identified and scheduled
into support classes using data from ELPAC, CAASPP, school and District benchmark data, and
the District English Performance Task. Bowman serves 42 English Learners and supports them
in improving their abilities in both written and oral language skills supporting the students
through our Achieve class . CAASPP tests resumed during the 2021-2022 year and we showed
an increase in both ELA and Math scores compared to 2018-2019. The District and Bowman
used iReady in order to collect data on student progress in the absence of CAASPP.
The District strongly supports Bowman as an alternative educational option for students.
Teachers are supported through individualized PD based on best practices and up-to-date
technology applications. All teachers participate in site and district level PD. The District
provides all teachers with mobile technology to enhance instruction. Our 2021-22 PD focus was
literacy across all subjects, equity for all student populations, and social emotional learning.
During the COVID pandemic our PD focussed on support during distance learning in the areas
of social emotional learning and technology. A variety of assessment measures are employed to
identify achievement gaps and provide guidance for intervention strategies to support closing
the gaps. District Performance Tasks are utilized to measure competency with anchor standards
in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Formative assessments, benchmarks,
presentations, debates, student work, musical performances, art contests, and student projects
are used as multiple measures of assessment. Data drives the decision-making process at
Students may attend a morning or afternoon session, night school, or independent study
program to complete their graduation requirements. During the 2021-22 school year there were
433 students in the day school program, 130 students in night school, 38 students in
independent study, and 1 student in home study. Bowman has four Education Specialists that
serve day and night school students for Resource and SDC core curriculum support. We serve
approximately 65 special education students at a time. An on-site CCR advisor and W.E.
coordinator organizes career days, job shadowing, guest speakers, and community programs
related to post-secondary options. Concurrent enrollment at College of the Canyons is
encouraged and widely utilized by students in COC’s Dual Enrollment and College Now
programs. Unique characteristics of Bowman include a fully credentialed cadre of teachers
working in collaboration, the ACTION program providing on-site support for substance abuse
issues, full-time therapeutic counselor and social worker, and an active ASB class. Bowman
continues to grow in their extraordinary CTE offerings. Bowman is committed to ensuring
success for all students.