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Please follow the link below to the Google Classroom for intervention. 

Once you get there, click on the schedule to see a list of classes that are being offered.

Make sure you look at the options carefully; some are for online and some are for on-campus intervention and there is one option for mornings. 

Some teachers are available to help with certain subjects only; you want to make sure you go with the teacher who you feel will be able to help you with the specific subjects you need assistance with.

*You are committing to the days and classes that you sign up for.

*You are free to sign up for different teachers on different days, but you will stick to that schedule for the rest of term 4.

*The purpose of intervention is to get caught up on classwork, so you must bring work with you.

*Every 4 times you attend, you will earn ½ a credit

Click here to enter the intervention classroom!