Computer, IC, Google Log In

Computer, IC and Google Log-in Instructions.

Please note: These Log-in instructions are for students who have not already created passwords prior to attending Bowman or while attending Bowman during the past school year:

For AD (Windows Active Directory, a.k.a. network login) 
UN = StudentID
PW = fl.mmddyy (f=initial of first name; l=initial of last name; 6 digit birthdate) 
For IC (Infinite Campus) 
UN = StudentID
PW = flmmddyy 
For Google 
PW = fl.mmddyy (f=initial of first name; l=initial of last name; period; 6 digit birthdate) 
Please contact your teacher if you have trouble logging in or see Sandy/Room 3 during brunch morning and afternoon! Every student has his/her own student Log-in; please be sure to use your personal Log-in or get help if you are not able to Log-in!