Bowman named Model Continuation High School

Nina Zamora, Principal
Jereann Bowman High School
21508 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91350-2947
Dear Principal Zamora:
On behalf of the California Department of Education (CDE),I congratulate you, your staff, and your school on your selection as a 2023 Model Continuation High School (MCHS).
I commend you for demonstrating extraordinary commitment to your students and their families throughout the pandemic and during this challenging period of recovery. By providing your students myriad educational options, mental health resources, and other support services, you have addressed student needs, elevated students' strengths and assets, and set students on a trajectory for success. This comprehensive support has prepared your students with the necessary skills to successfully complete high school, transition to higher education, and enter the workforce.
During the three years that your school is designated as an MCHS (April 2023 to march 2026), the CDE will identify you as a resource for districts that are planning to establish new continuation schools that need support as they face unprecedented challenges while we recover from the pandemic. We request that you submit an annual assurance of conformance to model school guidelines for the second and third years of the designation. The Annual Assurance of Services Form will be available on the CDE MCHS Recognition Program web page.
Again, congratulations on being designated as a MCHS.
signed by
Tony Thurmond
State Superintendent of Public Instruction