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Welcome to my Online Class!
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Life Management   Per 2:   qqooebw6
Teen Leadership     Per 4:  j7gad5m
Teen Leadership     Per 6:  f2hkwjc
Life Management   Per 7:   ijsbxxz
Work Experience                57m6iec

Important Online Etiquette

  • During video calls, please mute your camera...I can see you and everything else in the background.
  • All methods of communication are Hart District property including chats, emails, video calls, Remind texts etc. Be respectful and professional.
  • Please be flexible during this time....this is new to everyone!

How do I ask a question?

  • Send Pam a direct message via Remind or email



Remind Code

Text this code to 81010

Period 1


Period 4


Per 6


Per 7


Work Experience



When do I have to log in?

You can log in anytime that day to do an assignment.  Pam will be available to talk to directly between 8-3 p.m. daily.  OCCASIONALLY, Pam will be doing a Video Chat with the group.  That will be scheduled and recorded so you can participate in person during the chat or watch the video afterwards if you can’t. 


Assignments Posted

In Google Classroom

Posted on Saturday

Assignments Due

In Goggle Classroom

Due Friday

Chat with Pam

In Remind

8 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily

Video conference

In Zoom

Fridays @ 8:30 a.m.

Occasionally, see Google

Classroom for announcements


How do I earn credit?

The assignments and classwork for each week will be equal to ½ of a credit.  This includes the week’s warm-up activities. If you don’t do the classwork, you won’t be getting the ½ credit.  Pam will post extra credit for each week on Google Classroom.  It will be labelled “Extra Credit” and will always be worth a half a credit.


Starters + All classwork for the week

½ a Credit (Elective) per week.

Extra Credit Assignments

½ a Credit (Elective) per week.

100 % Attendance Required + Required Weekly Assignment
30 hours (pay stub verification) = 1 credit (elective)